Elast!c Collection (stool preview)
In the ELAST!C collection, glue, nails and screws are replaced by elastics. Each piece of furniture can be assembled and disassembled without tools like a tent and can be stored or transported (almost!) as easily. Folded or rolled, once disassembled, the elements stand together and can be adapted to the destination space.
Chair 1
Study of the manufacturing steps of a chair through a personal work at 1:4 scale. This chair is composed of a solid wood base, a plywood seat and a short and flexible chairback in glulam.
Rocking stool
We can rock back and forth or right to left. This stool is a reminiscent of steel structures due to the shape, the holes and the arrangement of its plywood elements. The thickness and spacing of these ones give to the user a comfortable seat. Whole elements held together by adhesion.
Virtual realization of a commercial counter meeting specifications such as limited space, mobility, eco-design, etc. Examples of environmental benefits: off cuts optimization by CNC cutting, small quantity of hardware (screws and wheels essentially), fully removable (including drawers) to be delivered in flat-packs.
This is my first project, made in Toulouse, France in 2012. Nearly one hundred laths of used pallets are assembled on a frame composed by steel tubes and threaded rods. Devoted to bolting the table top, these ones are also used to fix the legs. Associated with various colors and lath widths, these rods give A-table (pronounced “alpha-table”) an animal side. Eventually, we can see a zebra or a beetle—it seems alive! And you, what do you see?
Série 1
This photographic series highlights the shapes, colors and spatial complementarities of natural and artificial elements of urban areas.